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The Life and Times of Richard Redd: The Scrapbook Show

October 26, 2017


The final art exhibit of Richard Redd in which we return the art to the community and the universe.

Do White Americans have a “Great Death”?

May 7, 2016


Nearly every suppressed or dominated ethnic group has a “Great Death.” By this I mean a catastrophic loss of more than human lives. This expression comes (in translation) from the Yup’ik Eskimos and refers to their “Great Death,” which the term that Eskimos use to refer to the aftermath of diphtheria, influenza and disease that […]

Scones and Crocuses

March 24, 2015


Deev Murphy, bless her heart, called me up yesterday (Monday) to tell me that she and my dad had been talking about how he hadn’t really seen any any spring flowers yet. She wanted to let me know that there were some crocuses on Runnymede Avenue in Jenkintown. (Deev didn’t know the cross street; I think it’s […]

Redd-Bunker-Reichgott 2013 – Vernal Equinox Newsletter

June 12, 2014


For years, the Bunker-Redd family has received an annual (printed) newsletter for the Winter Solstice from beloved old friends (from the Lehigh U. circle). Recently other old friends (also from Lehigh) emailed a winter (February) summing-up of the previous year’s activities, claiming that people are too busy in December to do justice to catching up […]

Election Day in Canada. The Real Michael Ignatieff: An American View by Adrienne Redd

May 2, 2011


During the last US election, I knew Canadians who were jealous that Americans had the chance to vote for Barack Obama. As an American who has studied the work of Michael Ignatieff I find myself wishing that I had the chance to vote for the man who I believe is the most important public intellectual […]

Glenn Beck on August 28, 2010 – The antidote to speech is more speech

August 28, 2010


Today, August 28, 2010, a television personality with little grasp of history, an alarmist who is prone to invoke half-remembered allusions to totalitarian debacles of the past, will stand again in this nation's capital and claim that the United State of American needs to "restore honor." Good for him.

Living, Social and Digital Worlds

June 22, 2010


Sorry, this post is still in progress. On my birthday, as it happened, I chaperoned four first grade boys at the Philadelphia Zoo. I decided life would be easier if I didn’t attempt to steer them much, so I asked them what they wanted to see and do and followed their lead.  Eli wanted to […]